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Motherlode Chair (What’s twittering?).

Another powder day at Red yesterday. Only 10cm or so, but heavy and sticky enough to cover the all the firmness.  Jordy and I skied Field of Dreams in the afternoon, in a whiteout (so no pics) with plenty of new snow sloughing. I’m now headed into the Yurtopia Yurt at Wildhorse for a week of ski-touring guiding. It looks as though we’ll be getting another couple of dumps on Sunday and Tuesday, so I hope it gets deep!

I was sent this link from the Revelstoke paper – great to see such a spirited opinion (even if bloggers are characterized as the foot soldiers of cultural imperialism) and an equally eloquent reply.


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  1. Gid

    I can’t remember, how many angels are there on the head of a pin?
    What’s a “real skier” anyway?

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