Skiing is my life-long passion. Red Mountain and Rossland my home. The Kootenays my backcountry playground. I’ve created Kootenayskier as an outlet for the all the skiing related content that I come up with while I’m skiing my life away.

Stewart Spooner

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  1. dear stu …
    having just red through you blogs i see that you are amidst a battle ! Red has always symbolised a bastion for the free spirit … a rare no rule zone of pure expression
    Howard / gideon etc trying to bring their agrressive money focused control tactics into an areana of spirit is a sad and frustrating even from this end of the world
    Kia kaha ( be strong in your heart ] my friend … dont let the bastards grid you down
    Ps maybe its time for a revolution … some serios chocolate frog parties and a bit of nude skiing … forkum

  2. Sarah

    Hey Stu,

    Great to have skied with you last week even if was an underpowered energy day (still suffering byt he way and hope I didn’t pass it along!)
    We got in some good turns with Jeff as well. Such a good feeling coming back to Rossland and wondering if after a bunch of years of manuvering through Babylon I am ready to come back. The homing pigeon.
    Thanks again and we are here with spare rooms and too much space here in beautiful Babylon itself with peaks out the front door and desert riding out the back.
    You are always welcome.
    Sarah and Mark.

  3. Hi Stu, good to see you again, if only in a photo. I’m here bumming around europe, just been up to La Grave to visit a friend who had a contact with Rossland through Darcy and through who I learnt of his death. Which brings me to a question re another ex-rossland resident, Andrew Murdoch. Any news? Drop me a line…

  4. Neeson

    Hey Stu, I’m an Australian just moved to Canada by myself, looking to spend a ski season somewhere this winter. Right now I’m in Victoria working my ass off to hopefully end up with enough cash to last me without having to work (much) during the season.
    I was having a bit of trouble deciding where to go… but from looking at your blogs Red Mountain/Rossland seems to be the place.
    I love to tour, so we’ll have to meet up and you can show me around the backcountry there.
    Also, what is the go with housing? Would it be best to find a place in Rossland or is there a village at the resort?
    If you or anyone you know has a spare room (or even a corner of the living room…) willing to share with this ski bum please let me know!
    I can’t wait for this winter, the knowledge that I’m going to be skiing every day this winter really helps me get through the long days working.

    master.et@gmail.com is my email, let me know how you’re going.
    Thanks man, any help will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Keith Kuromi

    Great stuff,
    Been in the koots for a few years now and I just found this site. Keep it coming.

  6. Dad

    This is all very well, but is it the basis for the definitive great skiing novel?

  7. David

    My name is Dave from Whitefish, MT. USA
    I have a backcountry blog for my area:
    I will be at Red Mountain 2/7-9/2008 and would love a 1 day tour in the area on 2/8 or 2/9.
    You can look at my site for an idea of what we do. If you could take us out for a day, I’d gladly return the favor when you are in our area.

  8. Ryan

    Hey man, thank you thank you thank you…
    I’ve been planning a trip to Red for a group of seven and I’ve been looking for pics of Red and the surrounding ski conditions and you capture it best! Reading your blog has totally wet my whistle for some extreme slopeside fun. The thing is… I’ve never skied Red before and I would love to meet up with a pro like you if even for an hour to get some tips on what to hit when and where depending on fresh snow, time of day, temp, wind direction etc. A couple of us have skied the mountains before so we’ll be looking for some hikes that are easy to access from Red… it looks like there are three peaks that surround Red that will be more than enough to fill our five day adventure but what would you recomend.

    I laughed my ass off about the off duty cop story, any chance you could point me in the direction of B.C’s finest? I wouldn’t mind sampling something other than the snow you guys are so famous for.

    Thanks for any response.

  9. Ryan,

    There’s a lifetime of incredible skiing do be done around here, and I’d be happy to steer you in the right direction. Call me (I’m in the phone book) and introduce yourself when you get to town.

  10. Andi

    Love the pics and stories. If you are game for taking an unknown along would love to see some of these areas.

  11. Polly Gibbins

    Somehow you’ve inspired me to stop going around saying such ridiculously silly things as “I hate snow”. I don’t know how you did it. But…thanks. I do still think I prefer dirt though. ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. Your blog inspired me to manifest destiny and in 5 weeks I will be landing in Calgary for a 4month temp-to-permanent stay/ ski-cation.

    We just received a dumpin of a foot of powder, but no solid base this far down in Ontario.

    Good work, that painting is rad,

    PS. you might remember me as the noob who wrote about my first pair of skis and how sick I felt skiing down 200ft hills. But, new direction now – could you recomend a good all mountain ski, and really fun and fluid in powder?

  13. Peter

    Hey Stewart

    Great blog, like the snow updates. I have a question on one of the skier’s on your blog…can you give me an email.


  14. Karapannajeoke

    jwfkfactvgaophdqwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Johnnya

    Hey Stew,

    Im loving your blog, especially the archived traverses…sick. Some friends and I are planning a multi day trip from Kootenay Pass to Whitewater and I wanted to ask you a few questions. Give me an email if you have time.


  16. Yo Stewart!

    Heard some flappin’ on the snowless breeze about someone (ie me) trying to shut down skiing at Kootenay Pass because of caribou? When we chatted on the phone last year I thought I made it very clear that there is NO data that shows non-motorized activity to displace caribou, as opposed to the multiple studies out there (Hart Ranges, Caribous, etc) that show caribou moving out when sledders move in, or avoiding areas of high sled use. The Pass is one of the heaviest used backcountry areas out there, and the caribou are still using it. I am sure that at some level of use there will be some impacts, but it does not appear to be anywhere near that yet. At the least the science team does not think so (which is who we look to for our caribou recovery efforts). Please give me a shout to clarify this, as it seems you have been spreading a message that I am trying to shut down skiing, which could not be further from the truth, and is more along the line of the snowmobile folks position, which sometimes is: “well, if WE can’t go there, NO-one should be allowed”, which the science, unfortunately, does not support.

    Happy face shots, one of these days…

    Dave Quinn

  17. Hey Stewie,
    Got back from Nexpa in one piece I see.. I’ve been surfin your blog here…
    Damn what beautifull!!.. I must come over some time.. Good life you’re livin there man!

    Say hi to Greg (can you send me his emailadress?)


  18. Howie

    G’day from Melbourne Town,
    Love the blog – keep up the good work.
    When you coming to visit again?

  19. kevin radford

    hi stewart,

    been in the area for now one year. we actually rode together couple of times on oasis and once on flume i think. anyway would like to hook up for some touring in the kooteney pass. heard about it and came across your site and thought you might be up for me tagging along.
    email me or give me a call 250-231-7949.



  20. Hey Stew-

    It’s been too long. My gf and I are headed to the koots in a couple of weeks and would love to hook up and make some turns. Shoot me an email (should have it via this comment) and let me know if you’ll be around and into hanging with us.

    Great skiing on your blog- digging it!


  21. Howie

    Happy Birthday Stew you old man.
    Love Howie & Carolyn

  22. Stewart-

    So nice to meet you last week. Your photos on this site are absolutely beautiful. Nice job!


  23. Spoon, such amazing scenery and it takes me back to the season at Red Mountain…c.18 years ago, but the images of being lost off-piste off the back of the mountain are still vivid and fresh. Such beautiful wilderness. I’m bringing the kids over as soon as they are up to taking on the powder….Mrs Lynch requires some sort of day spa to entice her…..send details of 6 star resorts so I can start saving. ps. the Asymmetric 160cm 45/35 hard boot board is ready for action, and shall return when I do.

  24. Stewart,

    I’ve been an active follower of your blog, it’s my link to the Kootenays when I’m stuck at work! Anyway I have decided to link it to my new ski blog. Any issues let me know.


  25. Bob

    Hi Stewart,

    I hitched a ride off you back to Rossland after the 7 summits a couple years ago in exchange for a few beers. I see you spend some time surfing in Mexico. I’m wondering if you would mind passing on some info on surfing there or in Central America. I’m looking for a place to go in November, moderate waves. Any links or advice would be a great help.


    Fernie BC

    • Bob,

      I’ve spent alot of time surfing in Mexico, and know many of the breaks well. November means the swell direction has moved around to the North (from the South swells of the summer which suit many more breaks). Ticla, in northern Michoacan gets a nice right hander off the rivermouth on North swells, and has fun beach breaks on most days. Camping and meals are cheap, and there’s a small chilled scene of gringo surfbums to hang out with. It gets busier (but rarely crowded) with Mexicans from Colima on the weekends. Access is through Manzanillo airport, either via bus or rental car. I’m sure there’s plenty of other info online. Otherwise Rio Nexpa is a favourite spot of mine, but in November the waves will be small (which could be what you want?). Lots of breaks in central Baja work on North swells, but it’s cold and remote. Hope that helps. Good luck.


  26. Stuart, great blog. So much skiing! I have been doing a lot of kitesurfing recently but still fit in at least two ski trips a year. Regards, Peter

  27. Flor

    hey Stewart,

    i read your article about the DPS skis. I tele and have been coming to Rossland since 2004. I will be back this season from January 13-17th and would love to test these skis if oyu could set them up on tele bindings. Any possibility? Please get in touch, my mail is flofischl@hotmail.com
    I would love to give them a ride as I have heard a lot fo good stuff, even here in the German Alps.
    thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.
    enjoy the early season,

  28. Simon

    Spoon, The powder looks awesome, and its only early. Have you got any six star hotels yet in Rossland yet?? I cant sleep on your floor again, Im too old!!! and standards must be maintained for Mrs Lynch. Kids are doing Point Leo Surf School this year, so will be ready for Mexico in a few years. Love SJL, Ann-Maree, Dom, Joe, Gracie and CeCe

  29. Hi Stewart, great blog..

    I work for online retailer of eyeglasses EyeBuyDirect and we are currently holding a Ski Goggle/Sport Sunglasses Competition on our Facebook fan page and I am just wondering if you would maybe like to publicize it on your website. In return, I can offer you and your friends discount codes on our range of prescription Ski Goggles and Sport Sunglasses if this is something that you may be interested in. Details of our competition are as below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    We are hosting a Facebook competition for the whole of December where one lucky winner will win one pair of Ski Goggles and Sport Sunglasses together for the next five years. Submit a photo of yourself wearing Ski Goggles or Sport Sunglasses and the photo which gets the most โ€œlikesโ€ wins with prizes also for 2nd and 3rd place.

    We are looking for creative pictures which feature stunning scenery in the background, action shots etc that will encourage people to like your entry.
    Photos can be sent to ryan@eyebuydirect.com and once you become a fan of EyeBuyDirect.com on Facebook, your photo will be added to our album for the competition.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards

  30. Hi–great page. I’ll be in your ‘hood in a few weeks and was wondering about day touring opportunities not accessed from the ski area. Is there touring off 3B north of town but before the intersection with 3? If so, can you park along that road?

    Thanks–I appreciate any insight!



    • Stewart Spooner


      That would be yes and yes. There’s lots of options accessible from several defined access points. A new ski touring map to the area (available locally) has just been published that will get you started.

      *Stewart Spooner* Kootenay Columbia Trails Society Trails Manager. Recreation Planning and Design Consultant. DPS Skis Sales Representative. Wildhorse Catskiing Ski-guide E-mail: stewspooner@gmail.com Mobile: 250-368-1440.

  31. Hi Stewart,

    My brother and I (both avid skiers) put together a web application for
    snow forecast data you might find useful.

    The site shows basic snow forecast reports in each city in the US.

    Please write or tweet about us if you like it!

    Here is the URL: howmuchwillitsnow.com

    Let me know if I could provide any background info you might be interested in.

    Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/willitsnow
    Best regards,

  32. Mike Emmet

    Hey Stewart, last time I saw you was in Jordy’s living room when I was in town for his and Cindy’s wedding… too much water under the bridge since then. I’m long overdue for a visit to Rossland. I see that you’re still living the good life, that’s great. Keep on carving!

    Mike Emmet

  33. Hi Stewart,

    Just a quick hello from Oz. I was at school with you at Overport. Glad to see you’re well and clearly having a ball. Keep skiiing!


    Rachel ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Spoons, it’s a long shot, but what about comeing back to Mel for an entire FHS bos reunion – Prince is playing (that might entice Sean to come down from QLD) and I reckon a couple of hotel rooms in the city might be in order, or at least a few nights out to reignite the ol’ boys flame! Cam McDonald

  35. Hey Stew –
    I am headed to Jumbo Pass hut this week and was wondering if you had a quick minute to chat about the area there. I was reading your post on Horseshoe Glacier and interested in learning more about that area.
    in Nelson @ 505 0499

  36. Hey Stewart

    Have you ever been to Scotland? Definitely need to visit Glencoe, Glen Shee or Nevis Range sometime.

    Kind regards

  37. Hi Stew. Your blog is very well-written. Ive been reading up on some of your entries because I just purchased my first set of DPS skis this off-season (Wailer 112s)…and because im planning a trip to the Canadian Rockies in February to get at some of your legendary powder. Was wondering if you had any advice/insight for folks like myself who havent been out your way. Mainly, my group is trying to decide if its worth our while to try and fit in both southern (Red, Whitewater) and northern (Revelstoke, Kicking Horse) destinations on the powder highway using Spokane as our airport. We are also looking for good cat-ski recommendations. I live in Vermont and the rest of the guys on the trip are spread out in non-ski locales, so it seems like no matter what we choose we won’t be disappointed compared to what we normally ski. Anyway, thanks for your time and any insight you can provide…and i hope you have a great upcoming season.

    Jon M.
    Charlotte, VT

  38. Flo Fischl

    Hi Stew,

    just read your post on the southwesterly flow and it put a smile on my face. Unfortunately It’s another southwesterly flow that has been been leaving the northern Alps bone dry this winter…but fortunately I will be back in Red for a couple weeks come February. I know there is much to be discovered and this time around I’d be interested in taking a guiding trip around Whitehorse or somewhere near. We’ll (4) be in Rossland from Feb 13th til March 1st. Any chance of being able to book a little day trip with you? Would be fantastic!

    So here’s to the right south-west flow hitting the right places ๐Ÿ˜‰

    cheers from the Alps,

  39. Morten

    Hi Stew,

    I’m trying to send you an email. Could you please ping me on mb(at)dn(dot)no?


    Morten Bertelsen
    US correspondent
    Norway’s business daily (DN)

  40. Jerome Boucher

    Hi, I live in Rossland and I’m looking for spring project. Can you reply to my email. thx

  41. alex

    my name is alex, I’m from Italy, and i’m planning a skimo trip to Kootenay next winter with my girlfriend.
    I’d like to get from you some suggestions and informations regarding tours and possible lodge accomodations, in order to get the best out of this trip.

  42. andrejkajzer

    I need your help with bindings. Can you drop me an email please? Thx! Take care!

  43. Your adventures and pictures are amazing. You should submit some of your photographs to wildlookoutside.com to spread the love of the Purcells and for a chance to win some nice monthly prizes!
    We hope to see you there.

  44. Hi there,

    I love your blog and your awesome skiventures!

    My gal and I are thinking of moving to Nelson from Idaho. We’re also looking for some summer patch skiing and curious if we could visit Nelson and do some summer skiing at the same time.

    Any resources you can recommend on summer backcountry ski adventures in your area? Or is it all melted up there?


  45. Jonathan Rhea

    Stewart, We did a very snowy trip to Fairy Meadows in i think 2012. Some of that group is planning on heading to interior BC in mid March(10th-19th) and considering booking at Ymir lodge. What are the chances that it still be winter conditions on the northern aspects at that elevation or is it more likely transitioning into spring. Thanks for the input. Love following your blog

  46. Hi Stewart,
    I run a new app called Raus that wakes you up early when your favorite region gets a new dump of snow. We are looking for avid skiers and boarders to try it out and let us know how we can make it better! Would love for you to let us know what you think. Thanks in advance!

  47. Anirudh Moudgal

    Hello Stewart! I’m trying to get in touch with a Campbell R Spooner, the author of a book on skiiing in India’s Kullu valley. By any chance would you know him?

  48. Camโ€™s my brother. You can contact him at alpinetouring@gmail.com

  49. hey can someone direct me to the ski bum vid shot during the 90’s?

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