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Canada Day Action

A couple more pics from Canada Day, courtesy of Meghan.


Here’s Jordy turning it up in the sunshine,


and Cam and I boot-packing to the top for another round.

I’ve since found out that when Steve split from the group to ride down the Plewman trail (after skiing the Goat chutes twice and riding off the top of Old Glory), he was inspired to continue riding down the Oasis trail to the Columbia River, then back up to Rossland. Such feats of endurance – solo, spontaneous, and usually unknown, are what we’ve come to expect from our quiet, unassuming and joyful friend.

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Canada Day Ski and Bike


These things we do to satisfy the primal urge for adventure. As is becoming a tradition of sorts, a group of eight of us set out to ride and ski Old Glory on Canada Day. With skis and boots on our packs we didn’t set any speed records on the ride up the Seven Summits trail from the north, but it was a spectacular day, in good company.

The first turn into the Goat chutes was steep and exposed, resulting in a few moments of nervous anticipation, but the corn snow was smooth softening and consistent, making for some great spring skiing.

A few of us boot packed up for another lap, and then Steve and I climbed up again to stash our skis (my 178cm K2 3’s with rental tracks are behind the door of the dilapidated outhouse on the summit if anyone wants to use them) and ride off the top. We re-grouped on Unnecessary Ridge with those that had hiked out from the base of the chutes, and enjoyed ripping the roller coaster ride down the Seven Summits single-track, for a very full and fun day. There were a few cameras on the trip, so I’ll post some action shots as I receive them.

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