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Ymir Lodge

Sometimes you get exceptionally lucky. Our group of 16 flew into Ymir Lodge after over a meter of new snow in the previous week, and 25cm the night before. Then the sun came out, temperatures held, and we shredded incredible powder lines for 7 days. The Rossland Range was visible in the distance, yet we were in another world, living the dream of ski-touring every day, eating and drinking like royalty, and enjoying the company of a great bunch of friends. Ymir Lodge isn’t quite as fancy as some of the much more expensive hut options, but it’s comfortable and spacious with everything you need, and the amount and quality of accessible terrain is hard to beat. I’m told there’s availability through March.



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Lost Creek

It’s been over a week since we’ve had any fresh snow , so finding some preserved powder on Northern aspects was a bonus at Kootenay Pass yesterday. Travelling was fast and easy, so we covered lots of ground, linked up a few descents, and got to ski a new (for us) line into Lost Creek.  The Southern aspect back to the highway was a painless mix of crust and skiable schmoo, and we finished the day with beers courtesy of the generous couple who provided our hitched ride back to the Pass.

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It seems like it’s been socked in and snowing most of the time lately. My regular Thursday ski touring buddy and I have achieved almost nothing this year, because every Thursday has been a powder day on the ski hill (with another one forecast for tomorrow). Not that I’m complaining. I’m totally satisfied lapping my favorite lines at Red in powder, but it’s not been conducive to blogging. Yesterday the sun finally came out, and it was a beautiful change.


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