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McKean Lakes

Mountain biking is my major recreational focus during the summer, but I always enjoy hiking in the mountains. Being up high gets me thinking of skiing, scoping lines, scheming. Brian Cross (aka the Bald Bomber), an owner of Valhalla Mountain Lodge (the ski touring lodge located at the lake), wanted to discuss the hiking trail to the lake, which seemed like a good excuse to check out this remote and beautiful little part of the world.

I found this link to one of Dave Heath’s picture shows. I first saw it at the “Gathering”, and I still love it – so many classic local characters (including the Bomber).

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Canada Day 2010

Dave on the East Face of Old Glory
During mountain biking and trail building season it’s easy to forget about skiing, but a ski descent of Old Glory has become a Canada Day tradition for some of us. Jordy, Dave and I rode up from Nancy Greene Summit on the Seven Summits trail, leaving our bikes just below Mt Elgood when significant drifts of snow blocked the trail. We scrambled up the East Ridge of Old Glory, and met up with another large group of skiers (and bike riders) on top. The Goat Chutes were were still well filled in and the turns were fun and smooth on perfect corn. After boot packing back up, we linked together the remaining snow patches for a a ski descent of the East Face. Dave and I even kept our ski boots on so as to ski off the several sub-peaks on the way back to our bikes for the effortless ride down.

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