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Canada Day 2011

After an exceptionally cold and wet Spring the snow melt is weeks behind most years, so riding up Old Glory for our annual Canada Day ski wasn’t feasible. We actually encountered snow a short distance hiking up the Plewman trail, and consistent cover from the bench below Hanna Ck peak. But a cold clear night and an early start made for easy travelling across the firm snow, and we were on the summit by 10am.

The Goat Chutes
With large cornices ringing the entrances and firm snow on the northerly aspects, the Goat chutes weren’t looking as appealing as a more moderate and sun softened continuous (rare for this time of year) line on the East face.

The Spring Corn on the East face couldn’t have been in better condition, and we made a couple of laps. Here’s a short vid of Cam on the final pitch.

A few more turns off Unnecessary Ridge and a short stroll down the Plewman trail and we’re drinking Dave’s home brewed beer on the tailgate of my truck before lunch.


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