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Birthday Chutes

The Birthday Chutes on Mt Plewman

Steve and Jordy – The view of the Birthday Chutes from Murphy Ck.

With still few options on the bike trails, Steve, Jordy and I checked out the skiing conditions in the Birthday Chutes on Mt Plewman. A firm Spring snow-pack made for easy traveling through the big trees up Murphy Ck, up the headwall, and the corniced ridge to the summit. The snow in the chutes hadn’t quite consolidated into corn and the re-frozen sluff was a little tricky in places, but we were cruising on velvet on the open middle elevation slopes. It was a bit sticky in the trees, but still fun skiing all the way back to the truck.

Steve – On the ridge to the Summit.

I’ve finally worked out how to embed videos in this site. Here’s Jordy dropping in off the top.

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Viva La Mexico

Only one person out on sunrise at Barra de la Cruz.

Well I’m back in Rossland after 3 wonderful weeks in Mexico, surfing on the Oaxaca coast, reading, relaxing in my hammock, subsisting on Heuvos Rancheros, mangoes, fish and cold beers . It seems the weather was unseasonably cold here through most of April, and there’s significantly more snow than I can recall for this time of year. I’ve started work back on the trails, but most of them are still covered. I won’t pack the ski gear away just yet.

After 16 years away, the new line-up at Chacauha was cranking.

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