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Fall Shenanigans.


No I haven’t taken up golf. Miles and I made a trip out to Fernie for their annual Poker Ride, and this was how we qualified for our bonus card atop Hyperventilation trail. It was a spectacular Fall day, and the mountains around Fernie were looking their rugged best with a dusting of snow higher up. Kurt and the local volunteers put together a really fun event, but I was expecting more from the Fernie trails. Mostly lung busting climbs followed by Old School descents, although the Slunt trail flowed through some recently buffed berms and had me smiling all the way.  I’m sure I did more hike-a-biking in this one day than the past few years combined, but cold beers and delicious kebabs in the sunshine at the after ride BBQ made it all seem worthwhile.


Struggling to fit everthing in at the moment, Cam and I spent an afternoon clearing lines up on Granite. The paid crew appear to have doen a great job this summer, but Potsie let us know that they hadn’t been able to get onto Roots, so we did. I won’t give too much away, but if you follow our tracks you’ll find some nice lines. Off to Mexico today with a brand new 6″5″ quad-fin and an 8ft swell in the forecast.  I hope I come back to early snows accumulating on the peaks.

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First Taste of Winter

Brent – Styling on the North Shore in Nelson

After a final couple of days of ripping on my mountain bike in hot dry conditions, the long anticipated Fall rains have arrived. I got thoroughly soaked hiking in to replinish the wood supply at a favourite backcountry cabin yesterday, and then today it really pissed down.

Mt Roberts and Record Ridge.

When the clouds finally parted this afternoon we could see the higher peaks of the Rossland Range had received a good coating of snow, and there’s more in the forecast for tonight. I’m going with local folklore, that follwing a great huckleberry season – it’s going to be a HUGE winter in the Kootenays.

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Winter’s Coming.

One of my skis that I’d stashed on the summit of Old Glory and had gone missing, showed up. I was riding to the summit as part of the Seven Summits Poker Ride when there it was, sticking up out of the rocks. There was a core shot in it that I don’t remember, so perhaps it’s had some use? Will the mystery ever be solved?

With temperatures dropping to below freezing in the local mountains, and even a few snowfalls in the higher ranges, winter feels like it’s coming early, and I’m thinking about skiing, and ski gear. I’m going to give the new Garmont Radiums a try as my touring boots, and 188cm Coombas with Marker Dukes as my lift skiing/Mt Roberts set-up.

Talking with Potsie about the summer grooming at Red this summer has me stoked on all the new lines we’ll be charging. It sounds like they’ve really done things right and opened things up.  Just looking up at the Slides you can see the difference.

I’ve even been doing Google Earth fly-throughs of the Monashees between Revelstoke and Blue River – contemplating a ski traverse for the fall, and calculating how I can drop some more weight from my traversing pack. I hope it starts puking in October!

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