Yurtopia Guiding


I just spent a week guiding a group of ski-tourers out of the Yurtopia yurt in the Nelson Range. With such a reactive snow-pack, it was sometimes a challenge  finding slopes that were both safe and satisfying, but it ended up being a great week of powder skiing.

The Group.

Cruising through the Larches.

A small slope that released on the 6th skier,


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3 responses to “Yurtopia Guiding

  1. Jerry

    Stuart – Nice piece.

    I’m still sore from that reactive snow pack.

    A couple of thoughts – you and your asst guide should carry radios, so you can communicate from the bottom of a slope to the top. Then you could
    control the “one at a time” down the slope.

    It would be really good for safety to have reliable
    communication back to town – radio contact thru the logging repeaters or sat-phone.

    Anyway we got thru it – good skiing snow and good terrain.


  2. I sure miss skiing up there. It’s been awhile.

  3. brian

    Looking at all pics can’t wait to get out there.

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