Goat Range – Whitewater Peak.

Climbing Whitewater Peak.

Our goal was to climb and ski off the summit of Whitewater Peak in the Goat Range, but after a 5 hour climb up Whitewater Creek from Retallack, poor visibilty stopped us about 500′ below the summit on the East ridge.


Skiing down the pocket glacier on the north side of the peak, was steep and adventurous in places.




The  pillows down into Kane Creek were soft and fun.

Old Growth Cedars in Kane Creek.

I remember the ski out Kane Creek  being a long flat slog the last time I did it, but somehow agreed to give it another try. Fortunately travel conditions were allot better, and we were able to glide or skate most of the 12km to 3 Forks. A 6000′ descent in all.

Francois – Hitching back to Retallack from 3 Forks.

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