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Powder Time.


When the sun finally came out, Old Glory was looking caked.

It’s pretty rare get a dump of more than 20cm in 24hrs at Red. The best of times are when storms roll through with regular 5-15cm snowfalls, the crowds drop off with exhaustion, and the powder builds up faster than we can ski it. We’ve had 85cm spread out over the past 10 days, starting mild and dense, then cold and drier, and the quality of the skiing has been almost as good as it gets. The new Grey Mountain chair has hugely expanded the skiable terrain, noticeably spread out the skiers, and eliminated the crazy lift-lines on the busiest days. These are the times we’ll look back on.


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The Onesie


Loving the Onesie at Wildhorse – Pic by Dan.

I’ve always had a fascination with the One Piece Suit.  From Graham’s brown suit coveralls in the Goodies , to innumerable sci-fi wardrobes, and wearing wet-suits while surfing, the utility of combining top and bottoms in one garment has always seemed to make perfect sense. 25 years ago I regularly skied in a one-piece, and while Scott Schmidt was leading the charge you could actually feel “cool” wearing one. Unfortunately since then skateboarding has been setting the trends, so we all want to be gangsta, and only rich dorks would be caught dead in a fartbag.  I’ve kept a couple of retro one-piece ski suits in my tickle-trunk, which I’d bust out occasionally for a laugh, while secretly longing for when the onesie comes back into style.  From what I learn on the Interweb it seems that day has come in Europe, with many of the major brands adding a progressive styled one-piece to their Free-riding collections. I’ve been checking out the options, though reluctant to invest much in what could be a white elephant, but when I found something suitable being cleared online out for $156, I could resist.  I’m loving it.


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Winter’s Back?


Jordy – Hourglass Chute, Mt Roberts.

If the measure of a winter is the number of in-bounds powder days, then this season has come up short. I haven’t been overly concerned, as I’ll always do what it takes to get the powder I need, and otherwise there’s always something fun to do on skis, even if that’s working on one’s best GS racer impersonation.  But now that we’re back into a snowy weather pattern, hopes are high for some big dumps.  It was a legitimate powder frenzy yesterday morning, with the first real line-ups I’ve seen all season, although the 10cm of heavy snow didn’t quite live up to expectations. Now, with a good soft packed base now covering much of the crap,  and back-country conditions consolidating, we just need some of the forecast systems to deliver and we’ll be charging again.

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Field of Dreams

field of dreams pow

Powder pillows (Pic – Elise).

With a low snow-pack the Rossland Range can be oh so tight and bushy. Up till now I’ve mostly been sticking to the ski-hill, or travelling further afield for better conditions.  Regardless, today we headed out to Field of Dreams for a look see. We found 10-15 cm of light snow on a firm base in exposed areas, but there were plenty deeper turns to be had, the thickets of Alder were impressive but avoidable, and the ski out was better than usual.  

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Ski Touring with Friends


Another day spent exploring Milton Creek, with fresh snow, sunshine and cold temps. Wandering around the mountains, skiing new powder lines, and enjoying the company of good friends. It really doesn’t get any better. All pics by Elise.


My skin glue seems to have acquired supernatural adhesive properties in the cold.


Skiing with my Sweetheart.DSC00232


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