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No Lodge.

My dream has always been to create a simple and affordable backcountry ski lodge experience for my community, small groups of regular working people and families. However after years of planning and preparation, navigating the labyrinth of regulation, and on the verge of committing to the construction of Skadi Lodge, I’ve reluctantly decided to abandon my plans.  I scrutinized my spread-sheets, trying to imagine a justifiable way forward, but eventually had to face the reality that I couldn’t make a sensible business case for putting my life savings into this operation. I had hoped that through hard work and creativity I could find the solutions to make it so, but regulatory compliance of all types (licencing, permitting, engineering and insurance etc.) added unavoidable costs to construction and operation of a magnitude which ultimately prevented this. The existing system seems to dictate a business model which mimics existing premium backcountry lodges, a market that is already well catered to, and which still seem to be struggling to thrive in an uncertain economy and climate. On reflection working towards a dream was time well spent, and I’m glad I tried. I didn’t lose too much, I paid everyone I owed, and didn’t have to burn anyone. There’s an emptiness that will remain until I work out which direction I’m headed next, but wherever that is I’m sure it’ll involve a lot of skiing.



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