Kokanee to Woodbury Ski Traverse

So many mountains, so little time. Just back from a 5 day ski traverse, starting (at the snowline at 7km) up Kokanee Creek to the Slocan Chief, up and then down Kokanee Glacier to Coffee Pass, over Kane Pass, down the Kane Icefield then up to the Woodbury Cabin, a day spent lapping the Woodbury Glacier, then a high route to Silverspray, a line down by the Caribou Glacier, then a final descent to and out via Woodbury Creek (to our vehicle parked at the 2.5km landslide). We timed the trip for a high pressure window, and with stable, light, boot deep powder on northern aspects, the multiple long, steep, perfect powder runs were certainly the highlight of our ski season.

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  1. Gail

    So glad you’re safely home. Superb photos, as usual, and the conditions a great reward for your efforts. Quite impressive that you continue to enjoy such challenges.

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