Another quick blast of Winter


Jordy- Lunchbox trees.


I’ve almost fully transitioned to biking season, but with a cold and snowy system dumping 20cm of snow on the peaks, I couldn’t pass up another opportunity for some powder skiing. We weaved through jack-knifed rigs on the climb to Kootenay Pass, where in heavy blizzard conditions we joined up with one of the local senior citizen ski bums for laps in the trees. For all the doom and gloom expressed about this winter, this past month has been a memorable one, and the snow-pack in the alpine is actually well above average for this time of year – check out the data for the 2086m Redfish Ck automated snow pillow  recording site near Kokanee.

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  1. eric

    hey, do you still have those Dynafit boots for sale?

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