Food Drop

A Ski-touring Lunch
Yesterday was top to bottom, smooth, stay on top powder skiing at Red. We’ve had another 7cm of new snow overnight, as of 7.30am it’s snowing heavily, and forecast to continue all day. It’s difficult to do much but ski under such circumstances.
However I do have a few ski touring trips planned, so I’m sort of hoping that this wet and unsettled pattern we’ve been in for the past 10 days clears out, so that I can do some exploring. The big trip we’ve (the usual crew) planned for the Spring is a traverse from Ferguson (near Trout Lake) through to Rogers Pass. To keep our pack weight down we’re having half (4 days worth) our food flown in to the Battle Abbey hut, to be picked up en-route. I pretty much eat the same menu every day, and it’s a selection I’ve refined over the years. We’ve been using Clif products from my friends at NRG in Nelson on all our traverses. I was skeptical before using them, but products like Clif shots really do work to keep you going when you’re fatigued, and I consider them essential for completing huge days in the mountains.

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