So far this March, Red’s daily snowfall totals have been: 4cm, 14cm, 5cm, 6cm, 4cm, 3cm, 1cm, 4cm, 10cm, 22cm, 4cm, 0cm, 2cm, 12cm, 9cm, 14cm, and 5cm. Enough for some of the regulars to be talking up Marchuary. The past three days seemed especially creamy and smooth, not deep, but whenever I can rip my favorite lines at high speed without any sensation of firmness, it’s good times. I was a little tired and stiff this morning, so bailed after only a couple of runs despite the continuing snow

Here’s the presentation that I prepared for the 2010 Rossland Backcountry film festival, that Sheree recently posted, with lots of shots from our annual Spring ski traverses.

I was told today that Howard, the head honcho at Red Resort, is selling his palatial residence in Rossland. Asking price $2,500,000, almost 100 times the price I paid for my first house in town.


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2 responses to “Marchuary

  1. Doug Swystun

    Hello Stewart,
    Scotch in the parking, Red Mountain ski Resort, March 15th.

    Thanks agian for ski hosting. I had great day skiing with you and Ed. I really appreciated the hospitalitly…memories for a long time. Anytime you are in Vancouver, please call. If you could forward my contact info to Ed as well.

    Doug Swystun

    • Doug,

      That was a great day, and it was fun to share it with you. I’ll pass on your details to Ed. Do let me know if you’re thinking of heading back this way. The biking’s good too!

      Stewart. Tel. 250-362-5905.

      —– Original Message —–

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