Conditions update


I had an opportunity to check out conditions in the Wildhorse cat-skiing terrain yesterday. At higher elevations there’s 30cm of light unconsolidated new snow on top of the 10cm thick crust layer. It would have made for great skiing, but we were just snowmobiling on the cat roads.

The day before, a small group of us walked up Main Run at Red. The sun was shining, and the walking mostly easy, but very firm snow under a thin layer of light snow made for difficult skinning up the bowl. Long Squaw (Rino’s) has had a few passes with the groomer, so with 5cm of new snow it was relatively smooth and carvable.

Tonight and the whole week ahead look promising for snow. Whitewater is opening again tomorrow. Apparently Red needs another 20cm to open Silverlode. The touring at Wildhorse is sure to be getting even better. I’m ready.

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