Firm conditions, but we’re still skiing!


Following the rain event on December 3rd and 4th and subsequent cooling, conditions in the Southern Kootenays are thin and solid. Not to be discouraged we’ve kept skiing, enjoying the sunshine, the easy travel, and the impenetrable coverage to ski some more adventurous lines. On Friday, Andrew I skinned up Jumbo and skied down Third Slide, which was pretty challenging in places, especially through the rock band and the thick brush bellow, but we kept our skis on the whole way. On Saturday Michelle and I skied opening day on the lifts at Whitewater, which far exceeded our expectations. Ymir Peak was looking magnificent in the sunshine, carving on the groomers was lots of fun (especially on the Scott Mission skis I was able to demo from Gericks) and the off-piste conditions were surprisingly consistent, with enough light fluff on top of the ice to make for smooth turns on the moderate angled slopes. Yesterday, Andrew, Michelle, Stephanie and I skinned up and skied down Jumbo, with time for a picnic at the top of Motherlode (see above pic). I won’t pretend that conditions are anything but marginal, but I’m just happy to be skiing.

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  1. Michelle

    That cookie looks awesome..must have been the allspice 🙂 What’s the recipe?!

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