Ripple Mountain.

Heading up into the Clouds
Our plan was to ski off the summit of Ripple Mountain (2334m), the highest peak in the vicinity of Kootenay Pass. Despite persistent cloud at peak level and a strong north-westerly wind we kept faith through multiple climbs and descents on the approach, hoping for a sunny break, but to no avail.

Jeff – approaching our high point.
We ended up cresting the north shoulder (2230m) of Ripple, still a ways from the summit, but as close as I’ve made it. Skiing in the alpine was pretty funky on aspects exposed to the wind, but got much better down in the trees.

Despite beta that it was pretty horrendous, we decided to continue skiing down the drainage north to the highway.

The descent wasn’t actually that bad. We dropped a few fun pillow lines, linked together some open glades, and negotiating the steep convoluted gully and increasingly tight trees was fun and challenging.

I guess we can’t go that way!
However, the solid hour of groveling (at the end of a long day) out of the steep canyon of Stagleap Creek, through impossibly tight trees and faceted snow, and back up onto the highway, is not something I’ll repeat anytime soon.

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