Skiing at last.

After a month visiting friends and family in Australia, I’m finally back in Rossland. I was surfing pretty regularly, but still as I watched (via the net) the snow accumulating it was difficult to think of the powder turns I was missing in this exceptionally early start to the season. I did a lap on 3rd Slide this morning. There was a little bit of crust and wind effect, but the turns felt smooth, the sun was shining, and the cover was perfect. A great late start to my season. My internet connection is down for the moment (so I’m using the wi-fi in Clancey’s), but when I sort it out I’ll start blogging in earnest. It’s shaping up to be an awesome winter.


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2 responses to “Skiing at last.

  1. kevin radford

    can we hook up for some turns in the near future. looking at the maps for kp, and plewman? For reference i am the guy renting leeAnne patterson’s place.

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