Monday January 5th is the day the kids go back to school, and the workers to their jobs. There’s been lots of fresh snow and good times, but I’m always glad when the holidays are over and the line-up in the morning becomes full of people I  know. The forecast looked promising for 15-20cm overnight, so in anticipation I took yesterday off, waxed my skis, and had a mellow evening. It had been snowing steadily since 6pm, and at first light there appeared to be over 20cm on my truck, but when the snowphone reported 50cm overnight I had to call a second time to confirm what I’d heard. Sure enough, 50cm of cold light powder snow and clearing skies. Don had called in to say it was too dangerous to drive to work in Nelson, and it was Cam’s turn to ski, so we charged and choked and laughed our way down all our favourite lines. I saw snorkels being used, and a few times on my first run I wished I had one. On our second run, the sun came out, and I felt like I could fly. After 11 runs my legs couldn’t turn any more, and I stumbled home, totally spent and satisfied. One of the best days ever.


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2 responses to “50cm

  1. RobinB


    That’s All!

  2. Mr Spicy

    I’m glad I can live vicariously through you. Was up super early patching my bases, never even bothered to check the snowphone as there was at least a foot in my driveway. But alas, the skis would lay unused in the car, and I got home from work at 7pm. Next time.

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