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December 6th, 2016.

Temperature at Kootenay Pass this morning: Minus 17 degrees.

Snow-pack at 2000m: 190cm.

Snow quality: Sensational.




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We got a little more adventurous in our choice of terrain today. Lots of open water and obsticals below 1700m, but it all worked out. Snow surface conditions are exceptional.

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Parking Restrictions at Kootenay Pass?



The number of skiers parking at the Kootenay Pass summit have been exceeding the capacity of the parking area on busy weekends, potentially compromising the area needed for trucks to make their compulsory brake check before descending.


I spoke with an RCMP officer from Creston last weekend, who seemed pretty concerned about the situation, so I wasn’t entirely surprised to find this notice tucked under the windshield wipers of all the cars parked at the Pass yesterday. There was no identification of who is making the request, no suggestion of any penalties for ignoring it, and given that parking at the East side of Bridal lake is 500 meters away from the trail-heads we’re all accessing I don’t expect there’ll be much voluntary compliance.The much more sensible solution of clearing a parking area within the vast (mostly) unused flat area on the South side of the Pass would require MOT’s cooperation, which they seem institutionally incapable of, but I’m hoping that’s where we get to eventually.

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