It seems like it’s been socked in and snowing most of the time lately. My regular Thursday ski touring buddy and I have achieved almost nothing this year, because every Thursday has been a powder day on the ski hill (with another one forecast for tomorrow). Not that I’m complaining. I’m totally satisfied lapping my favorite lines at Red in powder, but it’s not been conducive to blogging. Yesterday the sun finally came out, and it was a beautiful change.


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3 responses to “Visibility

  1. RT

    ooohhh…Field of Dreams…with a small slough of a slide, it appears !

  2. wellymon

    Lovely line STU,
    Isn’t it great, those horrible snowboard thingies, started to make designers of skis a little better 😉

  3. Do you remember checking with a group in the New Denver /Silverton area who want to build a trail between the villages? Do you have a copy of the report you gave at that time??? As you know CBT ids putting some $ into trails etc and we would like to revive the energy here. Any record you have of your conversations would be helpful.
    Carol Bell

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