Leaving the Vortex

Since early December life has assumed the quality of ritual, almost entirely focused on powder skiing in my local mountains. Now I’m headed into Fairy Meadows for a week, with huge terrain and snowpack to explore, and multiple storms headed our way.



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2 responses to “Leaving the Vortex

  1. wellymon

    Are you flying into the Fairy Meadow hut Stu?
    The hut looks like 5 star compared to the snow cave at Rogers;)

  2. Tim, aka Big Dog

    I have followed your blog for several years and I must say it is terrific, just plain good and very inspirational. I live in southern California and have been traveling to Red for 13 years bypassing a lot of good spots for the greatest spot, your backyard. Thanks for sharing. My friends ask why Red and the West Koots and I show them your great blog and your pics and videos and they understand. Keep on keeping on and thanks!!!!

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