Kokanee Cabin Trip

After a winter of often trying conditions, a week of powder skiing at Kokanee was exactly what the proverbial doctor ordered. Through some friends we’d made on a previous lodge trip, Elise and I joined up with a crew of 13 other ski tourers from Utah, for a week at the luxurious (three story timber frame lodge with flush toilets, showers, and power) Kokanee Glacier cabin. After arriving in driving rain, it then dumped 30cm of new snow, making for stable, boot deep turns all week. We explored the mountains, lapped the powder, soaked in the sunshine, marveled at the views, ate and drank to excess, and escaped from our cares with a great bunch of people. Another storm delayed our departure, but made for even more skiing. If you’re even slightly serious about ski touring, you’ve got to be doing as many trips like this as your budget allows. It just doesn’t get any better.


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4 responses to “Kokanee Cabin Trip

  1. Gail

    It comes down to priorities, and it looks like your choice of spending a glorious week up on the Kokanee was a good one. The photos are wonderful – hard to beat white snow against a sky blue backdrop, although the B&W ‘Powder’ is a beauty!

  2. cam

    loved the photos – most envious.

  3. John Hoener

    Looks like a perfect week: powder with blue sky days. Want to hear more…

  4. Kirk Kardashian

    Looking good, Stew! Making me jealous over here in VT, even though it’s been a fantastic season. Hope all’s well! kirk


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