From “Stupid Deep” to “Red Sucks” and now “It’s All Hype”, Red Mountain has utilized a succession of hip and ironic memes to sell the Red experience to the world.  I’ve been researching this stuff for Skadi Lodge, and it seems that’s what all the marketing gurus recommend these days, but to my way of thinking being ironic and stylish as you hype up your product is still hype, and it feels disrespectful. My sensibilities may not be a good guide to Red’s market, but I’m going to trust that there’s still an appreciation out there for authenticity.


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2 responses to “Hype

  1. Richard Turner

    nice video shoot though, regardless of the title.

  2. Al

    Fuck authenticity. You should have a viking dying in battle. When he wakes up, he’s inside the the Skadi Lodge, with other Vikings drinking mead out of horns. “Where am I?”, he asks, bewildered.
    The vikings put on their goggles and ski gloves and head outside to click in to their skis. The last turns in the doorway and says, “Congratulations warrior. This is the Skadi Lodge. You’re in Valhalla”

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