Powder Time.


When the sun finally came out, Old Glory was looking caked.

It’s pretty rare get a dump of more than 20cm in 24hrs at Red. The best of times are when storms roll through with regular 5-15cm snowfalls, the crowds drop off with exhaustion, and the powder builds up faster than we can ski it. We’ve had 85cm spread out over the past 10 days, starting mild and dense, then cold and drier, and the quality of the skiing has been almost as good as it gets. The new Grey Mountain chair has hugely expanded the skiable terrain, noticeably spread out the skiers, and eliminated the crazy lift-lines on the busiest days. These are the times we’ll look back on.


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3 responses to “Powder Time.

  1. Cam

    Too true. Was still finding backcountry-like zones on Grey yesterday, after a great week of charging.

  2. kevin Radford

    ha funny. that’s what janet i say all the time. 40cm dumps are overrated, everyone and there dog show up for that one, 5cm a day keeps the crowd away. cheers

  3. ben

    Whats going on Stu, a month with no updates!? Keep us Southern hemi fools in the loop eh….

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