The Onesie


Loving the Onesie at Wildhorse – Pic by Dan.

I’ve always had a fascination with the One Piece Suit.  From Graham’s brown suit coveralls in the Goodies , to innumerable sci-fi wardrobes, and wearing wet-suits while surfing, the utility of combining top and bottoms in one garment has always seemed to make perfect sense. 25 years ago I regularly skied in a one-piece, and while Scott Schmidt was leading the charge you could actually feel “cool” wearing one. Unfortunately since then skateboarding has been setting the trends, so we all want to be gangsta, and only rich dorks would be caught dead in a fartbag.  I’ve kept a couple of retro one-piece ski suits in my tickle-trunk, which I’d bust out occasionally for a laugh, while secretly longing for when the onesie comes back into style.  From what I learn on the Interweb it seems that day has come in Europe, with many of the major brands adding a progressive styled one-piece to their Free-riding collections. I’ve been checking out the options, though reluctant to invest much in what could be a white elephant, but when I found something suitable being cleared online out for $156, I could resist.  I’m loving it.


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2 responses to “The Onesie

  1. Gail

    Have you had an opportunity to wear your stunning Bonnie Doon purchases yet?

  2. Ben

    I’ve just experienced my first taste of motorcycle racing this weekend and I’m loving it. That’s a sport where the onesie reigns supreme.
    Seems I’m bucking the trend wearing two peace touring leathers hanging out over my boots. No matter though, I’m happy to pass a onesie wearing want to be racer on the outside!

    You sure know where to find the fun Stu. Looks like you’ve had another great season. Nice.

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