South-West Flow

In the Rossland area it’s all about the direction of the incoming weather systems. Too much North, and being the last in line we get skunked for snow, as has been the case for most of the winter thus far. But when a big plume of moisture hits from the South West, the geography of the Rossland Range acts like a huge ski jump, lifting the clouds up, which both cools and drops the pressure of the air mass (orographic effect), resulting in snow. With South West flow in place, we got 9cm overnight with 12″ to 28″ forecast by Saturday.


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2 responses to “South-West Flow

  1. Flo Fischl

    Hi Stew,

    just read your post on the southwesterly flow and it put a smile on my face. Unfortunately It’s another southwesterly flow that has been been leaving the northern Alps bone dry this winter…but fortunately I will be back in Red for a couple weeks come February. I know there is much to be discovered and this time around I’d be interested in taking a guiding trip around Whitehorse or somewhere near. We’ll (4) be in Rossland from Feb 13th til March 1st. Any chance of being able to book a little day trip with you? Would be fantastic!

    So here’s to the right south-west flow hitting the right places 😉

    cheers from the Alps,

  2. Gideon

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Please keep it coming Ullr!

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