Opening Day 2013

I love opening day. Regardless of the conditions or the amount of pre-season touring I’ve done, the first opportunity to charge down all my favorite runs always gets me stoked. Coverage is still a bit thin, but full credit to Red Mountain, while only a limited amount of terrain was designated open, the rest was clearly designated as backcountry conditions, ski at your own risk. The snow had degenerated from previous weeks, heavy and wrenching in places, and topped by a variable crust in others, but still fun if challenging skiing and we checked out the usual lines. The steeper and tighter areas are varying degrees of ridiculous, while the moderate open areas have surprisingly consistent coverage, and would make for pretty good skiing if Red had a functioning summer grooming program. With no significant snow in the forecast, it’s going to be a slow start to the season, but at least we’re skiing.

First Chair 2013.

First Chair 2013.

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