Dynafit Binding Issue

I ski about 120 days per year, for both work (guiding)  and pleasure, on Dynafit bindings. Until this last season I’ve been their biggest advocate, but their new model bindings are (in my opinion) fundamentally flawed,  and the company is doing nothing about it.  I purchased new  Dynafit Speed Radical bindings at the beginning of last winter, and mounted them to my new DPS Lotus 138s .  I immediately noticed a significant and unusual amount of play at the boot -binding interface.  I feel it,  see it, hear it, and it annoys the shit of me. I hold it responsible for several instances of premature release while skiing, and while difficult to quantify, mechanically it must be compromising the precision and performance that I value in my skiing. I’m forced to ski much more conservatively than I can with my 2011/12 bindings. To confirm what I felt and observed I measured (with calipers) and confirmed that the heel pin spacing is ~0.3mm wider than my 2011/12 Speed Radical bindings. Here are a couple of short videos’ demonstrating the difference in the amount of play between the 2011/12 and 2012/13 bindings.


When I initially contacted Dynafit (Salewa) on the issue, they postulated that I might just have a faulty binding, and sent me a (single) replacement heel piece. It measured exactly the same. I put it out for discussion on the TGR skiing forums, and had an on-line conversation with Lou (Wildsnow) Dawson, but no-one seems to have any idea what I’m referring to, or has offered a solution.  I pressed Dynafit on the issue, and they (Eric) eventually acknowledged that the heel pin spacing had been widened, apparently a decision by Dynafit Europe that has not been publicized to my knowledge.  Eric suggested that I should look to Plum or G3  bindings as a solution, which although refreshingly honest, does seem a tacit acknowledgement that Dynafit have and are continuing to sell what I characterize as a defective product.

I’m currently investigating Plum and G3 bindings as an alternative, and am even considering how I might fabricate boot heel inserts that precisely match the wider pins (a potentially simple solution – Dynafit?), but right now I would advise against anyone purchasing Dynafit Radical series bindings for high performance skiing.


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9 responses to “Dynafit Binding Issue

  1. Cam

    Great article Stew and hope you find an answer. I checked out the Onyx at Roam on the weekend and was thoroughly unimpressed. They looked far too complicated/heavy against the simplicity of Dynafit/Plums.

  2. RonS

    Why not consider the Dynafit vertical? I understand that it might be phased out and it is necessary to change to wider brakes but still a worthwhile option. MEC has verticals listed for 2013/14.

  3. Greg

    Hey, if you do fabricate some custom boot inserts to fix this problem I would buy some off of you at a premium. I have the exact same problem with my Dynafit Speed Radicals and it drives me insane and more importantly, as you mentioned, questions my confidence in my gear on the hill. Anything else worked to fix/alleviate the problem in the meantime? Thanks, -Greg

    • Darren Jakal

      Just wondering if a newer insert (obviously the rear one) would help. Simple to replace (single screw). At the least I would try another newer model boot (made after the change in pin width) and see if there is any difference.


      • Stewart Spooner

        Darren, I tested a pair of new Mercurys in my bindings, and they worked perfectly. Thought I’d solved the problem, so I ordered new inserts from Dynafit, put em in my Titans, and still have the same amount of play. WTF?

        *Stewart Spooner* Kootenay Columbia Trails Society Trails Manager. Recreation Planning and Design Consultant. E-mail: stewspooner@gmail.com Mobile: 250-368-1440.

        On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 5:44 PM, kootenayskier

  4. Brian

    I just purchased a pair of dynafit speed radicals, never hearing of this issue.. Does anyone know if this has been solved for the 2014/2015 run ?

    • Brian, Dynafit never acknowledged that it was a problem, and as far as I’m aware most users were completely happy with their bindings. For this coming season I have new (Mercury) boots in new (warrantied) speed radical heel pieces, and on the bench haven’t noticed any issues.

  5. hairymountainbeast

    I’m having this same issue with speed radicals that I jus mounted on some carbon converts for sportiva spectres. What ever came of this?
    Was the problem solved, or have you just moved on to other bindings?

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