Mt Heimdal


Sunrise Start.

Google Earth is a wonderful tool for people like me. It’s like having a virtual helicopter to fly around the mountains and scope lines. Cam and I spent the day checking out one my ideas, Mt Heimdal in the Valhallas.  Fun to explore a new area, and ski a 3500′ descent in boot deep pow.


The objective.




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3 responses to “Mt Heimdal

  1. Gail

    No one in view, but you two! Must be glorious.

  2. Cam

    It was completely glorious, apart from visibility, which was average. Would have been wonderful to see the brunt of the Valhalla Range which normally is the backdrop. Great skiing, great stability and the road was plowed all the way up Hodder Creek (to graphite mine) making super easy access.

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