Wurttemberg Mountain


Wurttemberg Lake

In breaks between powder skiing at Wildhorse, I gaze out upon the surrounding peaks, mind-skiing the obvious lines, and contemplating the endless possibilities for adventure. Wurttemberg Mountain, the prominent (2377m) multi-peaked massif to the south with its steep and complicated north-eastern aspect obscured from view, seemed an intriguing objective for these dry and stable conditions.

Climbing into Wurttemburg Lake from Seaman Ck, we skied by weeks worth of fun pillow lines, and the lake itself is ringed by classic rock lined chutes worth returning for, but we were focused on the cloud shrouded peak. A full day of effort was required, steep switch-backing up an imposing head-wall, ski-cramponing up a narrow and exposed ridgeline through a white-out,  and steep boot-packing in facets, until finally breaking out of the clouds onto a sunny summit. Exhausted but satisfied, and with a 3000’ descent to come.




Route-finding up the headwall.



Kieth – Boot-packing to the top.


Jordy – Breaking out of the clouds.




Dropping into the bowl.




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  1. Gideon

    Sweet Kootenay dreaming Stew. Thanks for the stoke. Swell coming in Wednesday … hoping for some fun liquid turns.

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