Not this time


Wind sculpted snow surface.

Unsure of the conditions, but just keen to get out into the mountains, Jordy and I sledded into the Norns to see what we could find. Recent warming had tree bombed the glades, but as the wind dropped and the sky cleared, getting into the alpine appealed despite the wind scoured snow. The prominent east face of Mt Spiers looked very tempting in the sun, however at the point where we’d have transitioned to boot-packing, a  quick check of the snow-pack revealed layers that would’ve made dropping into the 1000′ 40 degree slope more of a gamble than we were up for.  We’ll get it next time. Variable conditions up high led to some unexpectedly sweet turns down through the burn to the sled. 


Carving up the Lower Slopes of Mt Spiers.



Creamy turns through the burn.


Mts Hilda and Lequereux. Always new possibilities on the horizon.


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