Early Season Skiing



Few people ski before Christmas. Most locals are busy working, perhaps getting organized for the festive season, and tourists choose more reliable weeks for their vacation. So when it snows and the lifts are turning, as is the case this season, it’s by far the best time of year to be skiing the resort.   We’ve had an exceptional amount of snow lately, and I’ve just been been lapping my favorite lines, over and over, fresh every time.


When your truck is covered at the end of the day, it’s been a good one.



May I never cease to be delighted by the Kootenay Sea.



Snow-ghosts framing the Microwave.


Olaus Jeldness graces downtown.


Loving the new lines on Grey.











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One response to “Early Season Skiing

  1. Shaun

    More powder to you. Looks unbelievably good

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