Skiing the Prestleys

Colin, Dudley and Jordy. What happened to the snow?

We had a plan, which involved driving till we hit snow on the Bannock Burn road into the Valhallas, bivying out beside the truck, getting up at 4am and skiing. Unfortunately when we got to the base of the slope we’d proposed to make our way to and from Mulvey Basin, it lacked snow.

The Prestleys.

With the Prestley looming directly above us, skiing the main couloir below the West Peak was an obvious plan B.


3000′ of ski cramponing and boot-packing  and we topped out.

Jordy, trying for the summit (too icy).

It was spectacular morning, still too early to have softened on the South aspect, so we scrambled around towards the Middle Peak, and dropped in to the North.

Jordy, skiing towards Valhalla Lake.

It was actually powder skiing for nearly 1000′. Not quite bounce your turns back and forth winter powder, but pretty sweet for the end of May. Another climb back to the saddle, then 2000′ of perfect corn, 1000′ of runnelled and suncupped wierdness, then a little alder bashing on the road, and we were drinking beers in the sun by 11am.



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5 responses to “Skiing the Prestleys

  1. Sandy

    When did you hit snow – km or elevation?

    • Stewart Spooner

      The road was clear to less than a km from the main switchback up out of the valley, and that last km looked like it would be melted out within a week. There appears to be persistent snow on the climb up to the summer parking lot.

  2. Hard core work getting up there. Love the pics

  3. I’ve read this blog for a while now and recommended it to all of my work colleagues, it’s very entertaining and enjoyable!

  4. Christian

    Are you able to summit all three peaks without a rope? Cheers!

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