Spring Skiing.

Red Mountain
Another great snowy season at Red is finally done. I’ve a patch of grass opening up in my yard, but the bike trails are a long way from clear, and there’s still a 3 meter base up on the peaks.

Elise and I.

The last couple of days on the lifts had some pretty sweet spring skiing conditions, sunshine, lots of funky retro outfits, and even a bit of nudity.

Big Smiles all around.

Rossland News.

My first ever cover shot.


It’s not all powder and velvety corn. This time of year we get to ski the full range of snow conditions, from boiler plate to mashed potato.

50’s Ski Movie Peak.

With a snow-pack that should last well in to June, opportunities for ski touring adventures remain for the motivated. I’m just waiting on weather and snow stability to head out on a traverse of the Valhalla Range.

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