Late Season Skiing.

First Chair Solitude.
It’s been another snowy Spring at Red. Since returning form a week at Fairy Meadows, we’ve had 8 legitimate powder days out of 12. But being late March, it’s quiet. Many of the seasonal visitors have departed, workers have returned to their jobs, we just don’t get many tourists this time of year, and locals have finally had enough powder that they’re not calling in sick for a 10cm day. Because I’ve been busier than usual with guiding this year, and now that my schedule is open, unlike many I’m fully stoked to be on the hill. Yesterday we had 10cm of light fresh snow on a soft base, bluebird skies, and no wind. My usual ski partners were otherwise occupied, so alone I strolled up to the line-less T-bar seconds before 9, skated across to Motherlode on immaculate corduroy, rode first chair with not a sole in sight, and proceeded charge down all my favorite lines in the most perfect (fast, soft, and filled-in) of conditions. Only at Red.



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3 responses to “Late Season Skiing.

  1. Cam

    Yes, only at Red. Saturday morning was identical. Got to the TBar at 9am with no-one else around. Skated across to Mum and had not a single other person infront or behind me. Not a single other skier wanted first chair on a weekend.

  2. edo

    Thats only because i was not around!…ps got my new skis.

  3. rick turner

    Perhaps the masses believe the snow is no good now…..after all, we did just have a “slush cup” ? ha ha

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