Fairy Meadows

I passed through Fairy Meadows Hut on the Northern Selkirks ski traverse I’d completed in 2007. Impressed with the dramatic terrain but with little time for diversions, I looked forward to returning someday. So I was stoked when the opportunity arose to spend a week showing around a passionate and capable group of skiers that I’d worked with previously.

Echo Glacier.

Remote Release on the Moraine.
Heavy snowfall and high avalanche hazard severely limited our forays into the alpine terrain otherwise accessible from the hut.

Fortunately we arrived to find all previous tracks buried in over 75cm of new snow, and spent the week gorging on deep powder in the steep trees and glades below the hut.


With every cliff drop and pillow line ending in the plushest of landings, everyone was sending it.


Towards the end of the week it dumped again, filling in the lines we’d been skiing and delaying our flight out for a day. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful week in the mountains.


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5 responses to “Fairy Meadows

  1. Fiona

    Thanks for a great week Stewart! The pictures are awesome! We’re adjusting to Spring weather back in VT and dusting off the bikes! Hope to see you in the mountains again.

  2. Julian

    This was the trip of a lifetime. Thanks for helping to make it so memorable Stewart. Love the pictures, especially the one of Joe traveling through the smoke, it has a magical feel to it.

  3. Looks amazing! Definitely wasn’t what we saw in Colorado this year, but glad people are getting it elsewhere!

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