I’ve just finished my last shift at Wildhorse cat-skiing for the winter. Adjusting to the demands of semi-regular work rather than free-skiing all the time has sometimes been a challenge, but the daily powder skiing really has been a joy.

It snows in Ymir.

Since it passed the top of the 3 meter measuring stick we’re just guessing on the snow-pack depth, but it’s been a snowy season as per usual, and the terrain keeps even the most demanding skiers satisfied.


Wildhorse is a bit of an anomaly in the powder skiing industry. We’re not trying to provide a “luxury” product for the elite, and it’s not about status, it’s simply about delivering great powder skiing. For me, and for our regular clientel, that’s all we need.


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6 responses to “Wildhorsing

  1. Pots

    Your opinion of the Red Mountain Ski Patrol is not appreciated you goof. You didn’t seem to mind our efforts when we dragged your sorry ass off the hill when you broke your leg. Take your comments and your business somewhere else. You are an asshole!!!

    • kel

      OH Yah Don’t forget everybody you can’t throw bombs until daylight so were kinda catch22 on that situation.
      Plus throwing snowballs at ski Patrol and yelling at Chantal Lift Ops is just not fair play guys, it’s not her fault, it’s not ski patrols fault, it’s called a big dump, just have to take the good with the bad is what i meant, don’t be mad at me POTs.

      • Sim

        Sounds like red ski patrol have dropped their game, and are pretty defensive about it. In my four ski seasons at red there generally were never late opens due to big dumps. I can recall 65cms over two days in the early 2000’s and we were loading at nine on the dot (after ski patrol had first rip, naturally).

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  3. Not a dirtbag

    Respect!!!!!!! It’s also a good video.

  4. Gravy

    I believe the term is “Professional Ski Patrol” Let’s see, is rocketing down Reno’s at closing time with a loaded sled and kids everywhere screaming “get the Hell out of the way” professional? (personally observed twice.) Is failure to mark wind berms on some of the most highly traveled routes professional, obviously not when turns are to be had under the chair. Been around, not impressed.

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