Free at Last!

First Chair on Motherlode

With heavy snow piling up and avalanche hazard spiking in the back-country, an unscheduled day off from cat-skiing at Wildhorse fortuitously coincided with all the terrain on Granite being opened for the first time this season. Coverage is exceptional given the relatively low snow-pack depth, and we were charging down all our favorite lines like it was mid-winter. Sure visibility was marginal (Buffalo Ridge terrifying) and at lower elevations the snow had the consistency of mashed potatoes, but after being fenced in like criminals for weeks, we are free at last.


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6 responses to “Free at Last!

  1. mika

    88 of 88 runs are now open…..Red and Granite are up and running. Man made and natural hazards exist.

  2. how are things looking up at wildhorse? got a crew coming in a couple weeks and getting pretty excited….

    • Stewart Spooner

      Wildhorse has had 60cm or so of new snow in the past week, making for perfect coverage. Avy hazard is high at the moment, but will settle down with time, and we’re still finding great skiing everyday.

      • Paul

        There’s a few of us heading out on the 7th for four days of touring out of the “Wildhorse Cabin”.Any recommendations for touring out of there,some safer areas with the avi conditions.What aspects have you been skiing(Long Baldy looks wicked)?Hopefully everything will heal by then,but looks like the storm conditions are around for a bit!.

        Trevor said we could stay at Qua,but the cabin works for quicker access and skiing,what’s you opinion on the terrain difference,not much i assume.

        ‘preciate any tips and recommends you can send.(if yer’ up for a tour in your playground,your welcome to tag along)

        Thanks for the blog,great info and stories

      • Stewart Spooner


        Conditions have been really good, and trending better. There’s always great tree skiing to be found at Wildhorse no matter what the conditions. Qua Yurt accesses a whole lot more, larger, and more alpine terrain, which also requires more skills to enjoy safely. If you’re in the Cabin check out the extensive old growth glades on the slopes draining into the valley between the Cabin and Wildhorse Peak to get away from the cat-skiers.


  3. Sometimes I can see some thrill in skiing during bad days when visibility is low, it’s good practice, at least 🙂

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