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Winter Arrives in Rossland

After a few false starts, it seems winter has arrived in Rossland. It dumped most of the day yesterday, laying down 15-20cm of snow, and making for some treacherous driving (and walking) conditions on our steep streets.

In brilliant sunshine and full winter wonderland visuals I got out for a short cross-country ski this morning (just enough snow to loop around Larry’s), but it’s puking again this afternoon, and real skiing doesn’t seem too far away.


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Cutting Lines

Cam surveying our handiwork
The transition to winter is a busy time in the mountains. So much to be done before a snowy deadline arrives, whenever it does. Progressively shorter days, colder mornings, and increasingly inclement weather. Cam and I found time to do a day of run clearing on Granite, a small contribution given the scale of what could be done, but year after year it adds up, and I feel a much more intimate connection to those parts of the mountain. From what I’m told and what we could see across the bottom of Slides, Red’s brushing crews have covered quite a bit of ground across the lower front-side of Granite. A much needed improvement.

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