Touring on the Ski Hill

Cam on Third Slide.
I’ve been getting out for a lap on the ski hill most days, getting into skiing shape and monitoring the conditions. 10cm of new snow on Tuesday covered the crust, but howling north west winds overnight and this morning have moved the snow around, and formed wind-pack on exposed slopes. With excellent coverage and a bomber base I’m now skiing on my new DPS Wailer 112RPs, and they seem to be handling the variable conditions with ease. Sadly rumours of an early opening at Red have been quashed. Conditions are already better than many openings I can recall, but until the recreational real-estate market gets hot, they’re going to be running an extra tight ship at Red. Opening now would stoke some season’s pass holders, but realistically wouldn’t generate enough extra traffic to cover operating costs, so I’ll keep walking.


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  1. Cam

    Looks a lot better than it was.

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