DPS Skis.

DPS Rossland.
I’ve been trying out rockered skis the past couple of years, and have appreciated the turning ease and flotation of skis like the Rossi S7 and the Salomon Rocker 2. However with both these popular mass produced skis, I felt that the overly soft tails and lack of torsional rigidity limited their performance and range. DPS are a small boutique ski manufacturer based in Utah who have developed a reputation for building the most technologically advanced carbon fibre skis, and their Wailer 112RP model has been receiving glowing reviews in magazines and on the internet as a no compromise, rip the shit out of all conditions ski. Similar in shape to the Rossi S7 and Armada JJ, but engineered and manufactured to higher standards. They seemed like the perfect ski for me, and perhaps for many other passionate skiers. So I contacted the company, convinced them I could represent their skis effectively, and have begun selling them in Rossland. The traditional model for retailing skis out of a storefront seems antiquated in a world where a larger selection is available for less on the internet, but I’m gambling that there might be an opportunity to sell a select range of high quality skis, at competitive prices, with personalized expert service. They’ve been so popular that availability is limited, but please do contact me if you want to know more, and I’ll have demos available if you want to give them a try.



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4 responses to “DPS Skis.

  1. Hello Stu – if you are interested in putting together an eCommerce site based on WordPress to distribute these skis, I can help. Seeing that you already know your way around WordPress means that it would not be an expensive proposition …

  2. Corey

    Hi Stu,
    I am currently shopping for new skis and reviewing the S7 and the Rocker2. I demoed a paier of the S7 and had alot of fun. Could you please email me with regards to the DPS.


    • Stewart Spooner


      I’m selling DPS skis in the Rossland area, and have a pair of demos that I can make available. Give me a call to discuss.

      *Stewart Spooner* Kootenay Columbia Trails Society Trails Manager. Recreation Planning and Design Consultant. DPS Skis Sales Representative. Wildhorse Catskiing Ski-guide E-mail: stewspooner@gmail.com Mobile: 250-368-1440.

  3. paul bendik

    do you have a pair of dps wailer 112 hybrid for sale?

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