Never Ending Winter

Stewart – Rio Nexpa.

Back from a welcome break on the beach in Mexico, I had my bike out yesterday, trying to get psyched for a summer season on the trails, but winter’s not yet done in the Kootenays. I woke this morning (April 28th) to a raging blizzard, and Andrew, Cam and I headed up for a lap on Granite, finding 20cm of light pow on the top of slides, and the best coverage I’ve ever seen on the mountain.

Andrew – First Slide.

I understand the business case for closing the mountain at the beginning of April, but (unapologetic collectivist that I am) the absurdity of the mountain sitting closed while weeks of incredible skiing conditions pass by has me wishing for a state of affairs structured to serve the interests of the people rather than absentee owners. At least the sledders seem to be making the most of it.

I’m told that Kootenay Pass has had 2m of snow through April, and from what I can see in the Rossland Range, it’s going to a record late opening for the 7 Summits trail this summer.

Elise – enjoying the sunshine atop Powderfields last weekend.


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2 responses to “Never Ending Winter

  1. Alanna

    Damn, I put storage wax on my skiis today since I’m leaving Golden tomorrow to move to Rossland. A little premature perhaps?

  2. ben

    Stylee bottom turn!

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