Horseshoe Glacier

I’d been talking for months with Dave about getting out on a ski touring adventure, and yesterday we made it happen. Dave, Cam and I headed into Glacier Creek to ski off the Horseshoe Glacier. After early start and a 3 hour drive from Rossland, I towed them (water-ski style) both in for 30km behind my sled to the end of the Jumbo Pass road. A straightforward affair under ideal conditions, but sledding through the isothermic slop (lower down) and fresh snow, and dealing with precipitous water bars took us another 3 wearying hours.

Finally at the base of the glacier, we broke trail in knee deep snow for 4000′ of climbing. The clouds were wafting in and out, with occasional power flurries and sunshine.

Getting higher.
From the high plateau at 9500′, we enjoyed some of the deepest and lightest snow of the year all the way down to valley.

Although we now had a track in for the sled, it was still pretty challenging going on the way out, and we were all well spent by the time we reached the truck.

Back at the sled.

Skiing through cow shit.


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4 responses to “Horseshoe Glacier

  1. cam

    super SICK!!!!!!

  2. ben

    any face shots in the cow shit?

  3. dave

    Nice job Stew and crew, the skiing around Jumbo Hut is well worth the slog in/up.

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