Frog Peak

Frog Peak in the Fall (Check out this link for more from this photographer)

Jordy and I had ambitious plans for his days off, but it keeps snowing. We headed into the Valhallas yesterday, hoping for sunny breaks that would have made it worth heading into the alpine. Instead we decided to tackle Frog Peak, a spectacular (if we could have seen it) 7963ft outcrop, with enough tree coverage to keep visibility reasonable.

Peering into the Precipice.

Jordy had climbed the peak once before in the summer, and had some idea that the route we chose might make for good skiing, but it came together better than we could have imagined, and we were on the windless cloud veiled summit by noon.


The snow was a little thin and faceted on the summit ridge, but the 3500ft north facing descent provided effortless boot deep turns all the way to the valley.




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