Jordy’s Mentally Stimulating North Side Adventure

We started in Sunshine – Jordy.

After 4 consecutive days of skiing fresh lines at Red Mountain, Jordy, Greg and I headed to Kootenay Pass yesterday for a wander. Jordy’s adventurous inclinations had been stifled on our last visit, when we skied predictable (not so stimulating) perfect powder lines in the trees, so we headed North, looking for chutes, new lines, and variable snow.


The wind had blown stronger and from more directions than we’d anticipated, so it took some experimenting (very stimulating) to find the quality snow.

Chuting – Jordy.

We kicked off (intentionally and otherwise) a few delicate cornices, and got some minor slab releases on steeper ground, but all very manageable.


By late afternoon it was snowing a couple of cm per hour, and we finished with the longest and deepest line of the day.

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