Long Skis, Deep Snow.

For a couple of seasons in the early 90s in Rossland my brother Cam and I carried a Hi8 video camera around, and recorded lots of skiing and associated footage. We were a crew of reckless young Aussie ski bums, sharing a household of 12, charging around on 210cm GS skis, and touring on Secura-fix binding adapters. So many stories and good times. I’d had the tapes stored away, and only recently had them converted to digital, so that I could come up with a short film for last night’s Rossland Backcountry Film Festival. Unfortunately technical issues at the screening resulted in the middle section being cut out, so I’ve now posted it in it’s entirety, for your viewing pleasure.


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7 responses to “Long Skis, Deep Snow.

  1. gid

    THANKS Stew! That brought back solid and excellent memories. The underwear party! Wow, where did you get that footage?? Magic.

  2. shaun McEwan

    MAD great memories, Stewart you were charging back then!! Hi Gid! Great to see Buff – just wprked out how he got his nickname

  3. Ari

    Ya Stew! That’s some of the most ripping footage I’ve seen, long skis or not, for local shredding. Thanks for posting!

  4. Tania Kentish

    Ye-hah, that was some life we lived back then. You guys never needed short fat ski’s, anything was possible. Awesome post, thx, I’ll pass it to bridgie, we are like old chooks scratching round together when we catch up for a few turns each year(thank you for fat skis!).

  5. Just found your Blog and love this nostalgic film! Thanks for posting :0 It’s amazing how equipment have changed the style of skiing lately (Utah in the 80’s were my heyday). Things may have progressed, but the powder remains the same, eh?

    Snow kiting is my thing these days. All the fun of touring without the blisters!

  6. sick. It would be interesting to see some of the young guns on their 150mm wide skis trying to ski a pair of 210’s. I remember the jump turns trying to get the skinny sticks to turn. Awesome video.

  7. Rob

    LEGENDARY. Thanks for sharing.

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