Lightweight Ski Touring Gloves

MEC Navigator Glove
I carry both warmer and a lightweight gloves when ski-touring, but 90% of the time I’ll be wearing the lighter ones, and these are my current favorites. Sure leather gloves provide delicate sensitivity, and reliable grip, but when they get wet (and gloves always get wet) they stay wet, and if you’re using and abusing them, they wear out fast. So I stick with fast drying synthetics, and have until recently found that cheap construction and gardening gloves do as well as any. This year I splurged on the Navigator model gloves from MEC. The palms are made of notoriously durable and waterproof Hypalon fabric, with Schoeller softshell backs, and a light fleece lining. Hard to go wrong for $29 (now on special for $21). A couple of weeks back they got completely soaked in a minor snowmobiling incident (it was raining and there was a small creek involved), but I continued wearing them for several hours of skinning up through a blizzard, and by the time I reached the top and was ready to ski, both my hands and gloves were dry. I expect they’ll be too warm for the sunniest spring conditions (though otherwise cover a remarkable range), and would be even better if they fit like ArcTeryx’s latest and greatest, but so far they’re everything that I need.

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  1. Elise

    What happened to the kitchen shot of the gloves for Gideon?

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